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The Michael Paul Wein Charitable Foundation

"Underpromise and Overdeliver"

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We are trying to accomplish a lot.  Money is not a problem for us.  Our biggest hindrance is TIME.  At present, we operate our Foundation, with virtually no monetary overhead, with a 3-person Board of Trustees (see Our trustees) which includes a one-person part-time administrative staff.  This is adequate for the present where we are merely handling a smaller budget (derived from the profits contributed from the rentals of two apartments at Suspiros 14).   However, we will have an endowment of something in excess of us$2,500,000 (and probably it will be much higher) at the time of our Founder's death (see founders will and funding).

As a result, we need volunteers now to help us plan for the future.

We have in process something we call a "kitchen cabinet" or a brain trust, but the name is not important.  We need people who are willing to help us with the following potential problems.
ideas to improve this web-site
ideas on how to improve, even possibly change, our current plans, consistent with our legal requirements
ideas to improve our methods of obtaining grantees
ideas on how to get grantees to understand that they are expected to be accountable for their funding
ideas which will help us replace trustees and brain trust members who are no longer available (for a variety of possible reasons)
ideas to help in the planning for the future when the endowment exceeds us$2,500,000 and the investing and distributing of the proceeds from that investing gets much more complicated 
ideas to deal with the reviewing of the grantees status when the distribution of grants increases considerably

We would like to hear from thoughtful people who feel that they possess the following desirable qualities:

as we are looking for continuity for the Foundation, relative youth and a commitment to living in San Miguel are positive qualities
as we are looking for an eventual replacement for the Founder, a person with some administrative and financial ability is a positive quality.   Management, investment, and/or legal experience is a plus, too.   
we are looking for people with the potential to replace both the Founder and the other trustees, whenever the need occurs
we are looking for a person who anticipates problems (or at least their potential)
many other qualities could be useful, as well. 

For a little more background on "our crisis" in 2004, see crisis


Send all e-mail to with any questions or comments about this web site. SPECIFY EXACTLY (using copy and paste) (and mentioning this page name) what your question or comment refers to.   Note: in the event that the above information is no longer accurate, see the newer web-page listing various subsequent changes to this web-site after the founder's death.
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