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The Michael Paul Wein Charitable Foundation

"Underpromise and Overdeliver"

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The following is a list of all pages on this web-site.  You can use it in many ways. 

It can be used as a method to "go to" any of the below pages by clicking on the first (underlined) purple-ish words describing any page.
It can be used (when copied into an email to us, and then edited down) to list those cumulative pages of our entire web-site which at least one of your principals have so far to date read, understood, and agreed to comply with (as required by item #12 of our annual certification web-page).

annual certification - instructions to grantees on how to prepare their annual certification requesting a grant

audit procedures - a list of audit procedures useful for any organization, but most especially our grantees
BBB on IRS -  the Better Business Bureau discusses IRS    
BBB & public accountability- The Better Business Bureau's own standards and how we reduced them to minimums for easier use for less sophisticated SMA organizations
Beginners - a page for beginners to either this web-site OR any web-site

Beliefs - a statement by the founder, written in 1997, before this Foundation was even a dream  
Calendar- our annual calendar with dates of our normal activities

certification-example - an letter for grantees to copy, edit, and then use to send to us annually.
Correspondence - recent correspondence relating to questions (and answers) that outside people had regarding this Foundation
crisis - a crisis that we are going through (or went through, depending on when you read this)
Eligibility - what are the basic requirements for eligibility of a prospective grantee
ETFs - an article "Understanding Exchange Traded Funds" and our recommendations for which ones to buy as investments suitable for this Foundation's needs

examples - for your use: how to create financial statements (including elementary bookkeeping)
FAQs - frequently asked questions    
Fast Track - a shortcut or faster way to make a 1st grant request (but, only for each year's "one-time" grant).  A request for an "ongoing grant" is a later step for such a new organization

financials-example - an illustration (example or format) of good financial statements.

Form990EZ - a copy of IRS Form 990EZ for your review, where necessary

founders will - extracts from the founder's will that effects you and all other grantees    
funding - how is the funding of this Foundation guaranteed (by the above will) to be funded
Goals & Mission - The MPWCF's goals and mission
grantees - our past and present grantees
help us - we need YOUR help    
history-estimates - history of founder's increases in his personal fortune, and and how it effects the MPWCF's expected endowment
Home - the home page, the first page, the index page, of this web-site
internal control - a review of internal control.  useful for any SMA organization, big or small

IRS financial requirements -  - IRS's requirements re: any grantee's financial information
IRS information - information reqarding IRS and its requirements for us, the MPWCF
IRS regulations - extracts from IRS publications regarding contributions/donations
Legalities - legal documents supporting the foundation's status and its qualifying for charitable organization treatment
lifetime achievement - our funding of our annual Stirling Dickinson Lifetime Achievement Award
minutes - minutes of our annual Board meetings
miscellaneous - all services provided by this Foundation (grants of money and grants of management aid)
replace founder - instructions to the replacement trustee (and the other trustees) when the time comes to replace the founder after his death
requirements for the first year - initial requirements for a first-time prospective grantee
requirements for future years - ongoing requirements for a grantee returning for the second or later years

Site Map - this site map that you are now viewing
some additional details - additional details of requirements for grantees returning for the second or later years 

status lately - the most recent computations of our continuing and projected financial status
subsequent changes - changes to this web-site occurring AFTER the founder has died
Table of Contents Page - Table of Contents page for this web-site
transparency awards - details regarding our Transparency contests, whenever applicable
Trustees - the details and instructions that help our trustees run this foundation, now and most importantly (as a restriction in the Founder's will) after his death.
volunteers - what we believe local organizations should be doing with their OWN volunteers
why this info - why we MUST have the information we request - there are no legal ways for us NOT to receive this required information and still give ongoing grants,


Send all e-mail to with any questions or comments about this web site. SPECIFY EXACTLY (using copy and paste) (and mentioning this page name) what your question or comment refers to.   Note: in the event that the above information is no longer accurate, see the newer web-page listing various subsequent changes to this web-site after the founder's death.
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