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The Michael Paul Wein Charitable Foundation

"Underpromise and Overdeliver"

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Home page for Beginners Table of Contents Eligibility for grants Initial requirements ongoing requirements FAQs why this info Calendar our goals and mission Our grantees Our trustees Legalities miscellaneous Site Map

for Beginners Table of Contents Eligibility for grants Initial requirements ongoing requirements FAQs why this info Calendar our goals and mission Our grantees Our trustees Legalities miscellaneous Site Map

NOTE - to all who read this - a more up-to-date and replacement web-site can be found at either or  It is recommended that you use these newer web-sites as the below web-page (and its links) have not been updated since December 20, 2005.



How does a new reader find his or her way around (or how to find answers to questions?

Start here!!!  This is our front door.  We invite anyone interested to come inside and have a look around.  This is where you will find the "who?, what? where? when? and how?" that you are looking for, and, in many cases, "why?". Merely click your cursor on any purple underlined link after each question.  Look below and we will answer your questions, such as:

Where should a Beginner to the internet, or to web-sites, or to this particular web-site, go for "Where and How to Start" types of questions and answers.   If YOU feel "As a beginner, I am uncomfortable with this web-site", you should click your cursor on the following link ------> for Beginners

A web-site is just like a reference library.  No need to read every book the first day.   Pick and choose and find only that which you currently need.  What should you read first on this web-site? Look at the following table:

WHEN to read various pages of this web-site:
What is your current status: then, click on the below links:
if you have never been to this web-site before, go to these pages first > For Beginners       Table of Contents                     Site Map
if you want to see if you are eligible, go here first > Eligibility                     FAQs                                        The BBB & public accountability 
if you are looking for your first grant from us, go here > 1st year requirements      Examples-to start           The Fast Track path
if you are an on-going grantee, look at these pages first > Future requirements         Some details                                    Annual certification Calendar                         Subsequent changes      
if you want to see what we are all about, read these pages >  Goals & Mission                                                        Our beliefs                      Our grantees
if you are interested in our history and legality, read here> Funding                       History & projections            Legalities
do you want to enter our contests, read these pages > Lifetime achievement awards          Transparency awards
can we be of help to you in other ways?   try these pages > Audit procedures         Internal control              Why this info is necessary 
are you a volunteer or one of our trustees?   read this > Help us                     Duties of our trustees     Volunteers         Replace founder
anything else?   We have listed below the questions that we are generally asked and then we give you a fast way to get the answers. just read the questions below that we are normally asked, and then click on the links to go to your answers 

Who is eligible for grants from your Foundation?   What are the very minimum requirements for eligibility?   <------click this link

What MUST an organization do before any initial grant is given to them by your Foundation?               Initial minimum requirements

What is the Fast Track path to grants and what are the disadvantages of our using that method?

What MUST an organization do so that it may continue to receive grants after the first grant is given?       ongoing minimum requirements

What is the MPWCF's timetable (your normal calendar schedule)?

Where can I find your Foundation's supplementary list of other frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers to them? 

What kind of laws/regulations must we follow to be able to say to prospective contributors that we are "tax deductible"?  IRS's regulations

Where can I find very detailed answers to questions that you get most often in email correspondence to your Foundation? 

Why do we have to give your Foundation all of this information?   why this info

What is your Foundation attempting to accomplish?        goals and mission

Who are your grantees?

What are your trustees' duties and responsibilities?  

Are any changes allowed to your Foundation's policies and procedures after the Founder dies?  subsequent changes

What is your legal status and what are the various legal requirements imposed on your Foundation (and how does it affect what kinds of grants you can give)?   

Where can I find a complete listing of all pages on this web-site?    table of contents

What ensures us that the funding is in place to accomplish all of this now and forever? funding and the founders will

What were the founder's original beliefs back in 1997 that caused him to see a need for creating this Foundation?

Is there anything else I might wish to know?     miscellaneous

A important note about THIS web-site:

This web-site has been created "in-house" so as to reduce our overhead.  Rather than create elaborate graphics and eye-catching exhibits, we have attempted to tell our story, answer all of the questions we have heard in the 5 years of our existence, and allow the reader to find what he or she is looking for quickly.  We know that the reduction of our overhead (now almost zero) leaves more funds for our mission:  that of helping the children of San Miguel.  We also want the reader to know that organizations that spend more of their funding on their own mission, and less funding on overhead, are organizations that we are more likely to fund with our own grants to them.  

Additionally, as we have spent countless months creating this web-site and more time  updating it whenever necessary, we expect any grantee to have spent some time reading and understanding it so that we don't have to "re-invent the wheel" with each individual grantee and what they think are their own unique questions.

Lastly, though, if you have looked for an answer to your question and with full consideration to what we say in the paragraph immediately above, you still can not find your answer, email the question (in specific detail) to the email address below and we will answer it for you AND place the missing question and missing answer on this web-site.

Site Map < click here to find list of ALL pages

Contact Information:

by Mail:
Email address is:
Postal Mail: (for local use only):
MPWCF c/o La Conexion, Aldama #3, Box 77A, San Miguel Allende
by Telephone: 
do not phone or fax us - please use email only
Note: in the event that the above information is no longer correct (most likely after the Founder's death), see the newer web-page listing various subsequent changes to this web-site
number of visits to this INDEX-HOME page  

Send all e-mail to with any questions or comments about this web site. SPECIFY EXACTLY (using copy and paste) (and mentioning this page name) what your question or comment refers to.   Note: in the event that the above information is no longer accurate, see the newer web-page listing various subsequent changes to this web-site after the founder's death.
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