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The Michael Paul Wein Charitable Foundation

"Underpromise and Overdeliver"

replace founder
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This web-page is specifically written FOR the new trustee who has just been selected to replace the founder, Michael Wein, but the other trustees should also find it important to read.   Other non-trustee readers probably will not find it useful.

Obviously, this web-page is not applicable until AFTER the demise of the Founder.

This is a not-necessarily-the-most current copy of this instructional file. Please obtain the most current copy by going to my computer and printout (make three copies - one copy for each trustee) of BOTH this file PLUS c:\_mydocs\sym\my-found\cf@death.wr1 (the latter MUST be an ALLWAYS formatted - for readability - printout). FYI, to get ALLWAYS formatting, you must use Symphony (see icon on desktop - then hit Ignore once or twice - then #34 for MPWCF - then retrieve the above 2 files individually). In Symphony, on your keyboard, hit F9, A, A, then Allways. then I, then Allways once more. When the appropriate screen is obtained, merely PRINT it by hitting / and then P and then G (after turning on the surge protector strip and then the 24-pin NEC printer and making sure that the Y-box (grey box sitting on cabinets between printers) is set to B.

Hello, new Trustee.  You are about to replace me, the Founder of this Foundation, The MPWCF, Inc. At the time I wrote this, I could not be sure whether I would have died or merely become so disabled (mentally or physically) that I can no longer do this, but this paper is intended to help you assume my responsibilities. 

The blue looseleaf binder containing the minutes and bylaws (which can also be read online on this web-site at minutes and at Legalities) and this online website itself are the public RULES for running the MPWCF after my death. The HardDrive computer files of each of these documents must supercede any online or printed copy of each of them, as the updates FIRST come from the MSFrontPage computer file and are later uploaded and posted to the online version of this page.

To bring yourself up-to-speed, you should read all of the pages in our web-site which currently is at http://smanumber1/ To speed the process, the most important pages are Our trustees, FAQs, Calendar, and then after those 3, ALL of the others. These pages will give you much of the guidance you need. Supporting these pages are pages in (click on icon for) MSFrontPage (which software has created these pages on the web and may be more up-to-date than the web-site itself, which has been "uploaded" from MSFrontPage periodically. By the way, if I die before finishing this website (I should be finished by 1/1/2008), you should up-load these more current pages by going to the icon for FTP-Ace, then click on CONNECT, then click on MPWCF-FOUNDATION, then look in the lower left-hand window and HIGHLIGHT all relatively - you will have to decide which these are - NEW FILES, then click on EDIT and then on "copy to right", next watch the middle of the screen where at Confirm collision action" appears, then just check off "set action as default" and then click on "overwrite" and watch as all files get uploaded. You can upload as many pages (or files) as you want at one time. These pages should be uploaded as soon as possible so that everyone who wants to see the pages, gets to see the same "most current" pages on the web-site. 

After you become my replacement, you MUST make certain changes on these FrontPage file pages (and then upload them to the web-site, as discussed above), mostly the change in the email address, and replacing my name information with your name information.  By the time you read this, however, it may be that I've completed the web-site and the only pages that need or be or are allowed to be updated are the lifetime achievement, subsequent changes, and/or transparency awards pages.  Even minutes of meetings that take place after my death or disability are to be posted only to the subsequent changes page and not on the minutes page.

After you have read each page (possibly more than once), you can also read the documentation in the blue looseleaf binder in the office called "MPWCFoundation"

Now for some details: 

Where are the physical paper-copies of corporate records:

The following documents are mostly in blue binder named MPWCFoundation

.. accounting (annual reports to the Trustees)
.. legal documents (ctf of incorporation, bylaws, minutes, agreements,   etc.)
.. tax returns (original request to IRS for tax-exempt status; annual 990s are not required until MPWCF gets most assets -- this probably will happen at the close of the first year after my death, because the "minimums" for not filing will THEN be exceeded) - this will also be true for Texas annual reports as well (see MORE on this subject later on below).
.. and where is the correspondence with grantees and prospective grantees 
....older correspondence will most probably be found in a file that is named c:\_mydocs\0-email\0savfyl\mwcf-cor.sav\*.txt files as  well as the most current correspondence which can  be found in the Eudora (email) software "mailbox files" (all starting with "FDN...., etc. mailboxes")  

Where are the computer files: many different c:\_mydocs\sym\my-found files, c:\_mydocs\0Foundtn use "my computer" on the desktop, then click C:\, then _mydocs and then \0FOUNDTN, then click on the files themselves - they open automatically),
...(click on icon for) Eudora mailboxes named with names starting with FDN...etc.
...also while in Eudora, use File>open \0-email\0savefyl\mwcf-cor.sav\*.txt files
...(click on icon for) Front Page and look at each *.htm file
...(click on icon for) Excel and file>open \0xlsfyls\mpwcFYLS\*.xls files
...(click on icon for) H-all other files, then click on ProSeries, then click on menu choice for HOMEBASE VIEW (see upper left corner) that chooses "Form 990: Tax-exempt Org" and then choose "The Michael Paul Wein Charitable Foun
...there might also be some help in c:\_mydocs\sym\est8plan\@deathmw, at items #9, #12, #12A, #13, #17, #28 and #57

Where are the printouts of any of the above:

.. mostly in the blue looseleaf binder

How to handle and then invest the big monies coming in after my death:

..The first step to understanding MY wishes is in reading the "Trustees" section of the web-site (or on FrontPage itself). Understand this section (and all sections) before going on to the following.
..Before (or currently with) reading the next paragraph, the ALLWAYS print-out of cf@death.wr1 should be available to review/read at the same time.
..Monies should arrive as follows: 1>after my death, rental income from two upstairs tenants should continue to arrive; 2>rent from the much bigger downstairs area should arrive after my executor exits and this area is also rented prior to the sale of the house); 3)monies from my will (monies bequeathed to persons who did NOT outlive me are to revert to the MPWCF instead); 4)monies from the sale of my house, some time later, after the house is sold; 5)if all of the foregoing is less than $1,000,000, then my estate MUST make up the balance to equal $1,000,000.
..Where to place money: if it makes sense to do so, open a peso account at Lloyds and deposit all rental receipts there since some of that will be necessary to use to pay peso expenses of the house until it is sold; keep exact accounting for every peso that comes in or goes out; obtain all receipts for every expenditure since these are needed in case of an IRS audit. For monies that come in in USdollars (chiefly from rents of the downstairs portion of the house, plus items #3, #4, and #5 above), deposit these funds in the MPWCF's money market mutual fund at Wall Street Access Brokerage account (or maybe other MPWCF brokerage accounts, if they exist at that time); use this account to pay Foundation expenses such as grants and other expenses, as well as for the cost of new investments. Keep supporting documents which will be necessary for IRS purposes later. 
..Invest monies out the above brokerage accounts as follows:
..... see Trustees section of FrontPage describing the concept of investing which you and the other trustees are to follow.

As background, it would be useful at this time to study the most recent MPWCF Financial Statements and any c:\_mydocs\sym\my-found files that show "ck-bks" and "cashflow". There is an illustration of how to do much of this in c:\_mydocs\sym\my-found\cf@death.wr1. During the interim period between my loss of lucidity (this could be prior to my death or at my death) and the receipt of monies received from the sale of the house, the cash flow of the Foundation could take many possibilities. See the example spreadsheet called "cf@death.wr1

How to continue the course of current grants:

..It is my wish that monies given to any charity that are designated as on-going grants (as opposed to those designated as one-time grants) be continued year after year in amounts at least as great as the previous year (if not greater). There will be occasions (see "Trustees" on web-site; also see \cf@death.wr1 in this directory) where this is not appropriate, or in case of a prolonged "down" or "bear" market, this is not possible, but other than these instances, this policy should be observed. Therefore, in cases when future conditions are not ascertainable or very doubtful, it might be wise to give "ongoing" grantees an ongoing grant EQUAL to last year's on-going grant PLUS a one-time grant that is described as "not necessarily to be paid again next year". It might be a good idea to give ongoing grants equal or slightly higher to only the physical cash received from dividends (or interest, if appropriate) and let MOST of the appreciation "ride" in anticipation of future "down" markets. Remember to keep a running tally of the inflation factor (figure 2% or more - see cf@death.wr1) so that there is a long-term attempt to let the portfolio increase over a period of years to at least reflect the loss of buying power due to inflation.

How to find additional grantees:

..Using Atencion, the SMA coollists (all of them), and word of mouth, periodically search for additional grantees. But, scattered here and there in these instructions (and in Trustees on web-site) are reasons why certain organizations are NOT to be considered. There are also reasons why some of our larger grants are NOT to be increased. There are also some reasons why certain grants should be decreased or eliminated altogether. These are all "fine-line" situations where the circumstances must be examined. In any event, however, the criteria for all grants MUST be always observed for the most part.

How to file tax reports (previously unnecessary because we were under all limitations (i.e., we were too small until now):

.. Form 990 (ascertain which one - 990, 990PF, 990EZ, etc.) must be filed (probably for the first time) when we exceed certain "small time" limitations. When the bigger money comes in from the sale of the house and the investments start to throw off income, that time WILL arrive. 
.. Texas Franchise reports will probably be due annually when (these are 2003 limitations) gross receipts (dividends and contributions, etc.) exceed $150,000 a year OR capital exceeds $40,000 and earned surplus exceeds $2,222)
.. An illustration of Form 990 resides on (click on desktop icon for) ProSeries, then click on menu choice for HOMEBASE VIEW (see upper left corner) that chooses "Form 990: Tax-exempt Org" and then choose "The Michael Paul Wein Charitable Foun"   

Regarding the above tax returns, I strongly suggest that you read IRS Form 1023 - Application for ... wherein we originally applied for our current privileged status by making certain assertions (promises) that we have kept during my lifetime, BUT it is possible that there will NOW (with the greater abundance of funds available at my death) be changes that must be taken into consideration (things to DO, other things we can not DO) at this time. Since we will be reporting to IRS on Form 990 for the first time, it is important to IMMEDIATELY (i.e., in the year of my death and the first two or 3 years thereafter) KNOW of these things to do or not to do. Form 1023 can be found in the blue binder for the Foundation, in the section marked Form 1023, and be sure to read the answers to the questions asked, especially on the five pages of attachments that I wrote myself.

Management of the Board of Trustees: 

..recruit an additional "board of kitchen advisors" (if this does not already exist) to think of things not thought of (ideas, potential problems, new recipients, etc.) by myself and the other two current trustees. Out of this should come replacement trustee discussions, etc.
..during my lifetime, I was pretty much responsible for the entire board of trustees and there were few decisions to be made (because the only money coming in was from me each year). Now, with the greater number of dollars concerned, it will be critically important for the all 3 trustees to run this foundation. The other two trustees should be made aware of the information that I've given you (including by reference to the web-site and to other computer files) and shown their responsibilities in the future. 
..after my death, the officers of the MPWCF should change from me being all three of President, Secretary, and Treasurer, to all 3 of the trustees individually being only 1 each of the 3. 

Send all e-mail to with any questions or comments about this web site. SPECIFY EXACTLY (using copy and paste) (and mentioning this page name) what your question or comment refers to.   Note: in the event that the above information is no longer accurate, see the newer web-page listing various subsequent changes to this web-site after the founder's death.
Copyright 2000-2005 The Michael Paul Wein Charitable Foundation, Inc